Marketing Education Videos


Brand Building Basics

Learn the critical basics of branding: consistency, communication, and effective collateral. This online video course on teaches you (in under 30 minutes!) how to harness the power of your brand with images, messaging and web presence with examples, worksheets and success steps. Watch sample video.

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Personal Branding Basics

Take control of your personal brand! Whether you want to build your career, start your career or change your career path, you cannot afford to NOT learn the basics of personal branding. Learn strategies to help you manage the most important brand of your career – the brand called YOU! Watch sample video.

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Writing Press Releases

Learn how to write effective press releases for more credibility and visibility in this Writing Press Releases video course. Knowing how to write a press release is a marketing communications must. Boost your credibility, visibility and sellability. Course includes templates, examples and guides. Watch sample video.

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Online Marketing Fundamentals

Learn the critical basics of online marketing. This online video course on called Online Marketing Fundamentals introduces web marketers, web designers, business owners and executives to online marketing best practices. Great foundation course to help set web marketing strategy. Watch sample video.

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markeding® - Marketing's New Connective Success Strategy

Marketing with an educational twist is today's most successful strategy. We "connect" through informative and educational content. Lorrie Thomas Ross spoke at Missouri State University about how markeding® is part of websites, branding and social media. Watch the full plenary talk on markeding®.


markeding® - The Future of Marketing

The future of marketing is shifting to having an educational focus. Marketing is not about touting your products and services, it is about educating your current and prospective customer so they understand your value, values and the authentic voice of your organization. Watch Lorrie’s PechaKucha 20x20 presentation.