markeding® is a mashup of the words marketing and education. Lorrie Thomas Ross, MA spent years working as a marketing educator in university and college classrooms while running her marketing and training consultancy. She noticed a pattern with her clients and students:

  1. Fear and anxiety around the act of marketing
  2. Negative sentiment about marketing and marketers
  3. Lack of guidance about how to think about and approach marketing

Marketing breakthroughs can’t happen until there is a breakdown of beliefs and behaviors. Ross began to study the root cause of the fears, anxiety, negative feelings, lack of effort and found:

  1. Fear and anxiety were connected to a myopic mindset that marketing was either expensive, time consuming and/or difficult
  2. Negative sentiment was caused by a feeling that “marketing” meant promotion, which is viewed as self-serving and egotistical
  3. Lack of guidance about how to think about and approach marketing was due to focusing on the tools (PR, websites, social media, advertising, etc.) not how and most importantly, WHY to engage in marketing

Ross realized that “marketing” is often viewed as the “ick/yuck” used car salesman pushy promotional approach, which gives marketing a bad wrap, inhibits the ethical way to approach marketing, and ultimately, holds the right people back from getting their message out there.

We have to rethink marketing so that we

  1. do it ethically
  2. pave the way for GOOD organizations (non profit and for profit) to connect with the people who need them
  3. help put shady organizations out of practice

Marketing with an Educational focus was the solution. Ross began experimenting with the concept of markeding® in client meetings and corporate workshop settings as a way to retrain the brain to see marketing in it’s true light – a meaningful way to maximize exchanges by simply helping people understand. It was also her inner-joker’s way of throwing up a glaring mis-spelling of the word marketing to see if her subjects were paying attention!

Yes, marketing can include expensive ads and in-your-face infomercial campaigns, but that is not the only way to market. Organizations who are passionate about helping their target marketing with products and/or services also need to connect with customers. We connect with our hearts, but to get to the heart, we have to start with the mind. Education is the core of effective and ethical marketing. When we approach marketing with this mindset, it take the “ew, I don’t like marketing” and “I am not good at marketing” feelings out (who doesn't want to help a target marketing understand something?) and helps alleviate the fears, anxiety and “how do I start?” barriers to get work going.

Ross' marketing and education background have turned her into a markeding® evangelist. Through her work as a speaker, educator and marketing consultant, she is dedicated to helping people and companies re-think marketing. Approaching marketing in an ethical way with a pure, educational purpose builds credibility, is user-friendly, boosts visibility, sellability and is highly scalable.